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The texture in this piece is fantastic. Gradation from light to dark is spectacular. The change in texture is well done. I can almost f...

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The meaning is clear, the texture on the background is fantastic, the pink and blue on the symbol is subtle yet deeply meaningful in th...



I prefer werewolves more than vampires, and I will tell you why.

    Traditional western vampires are sentient parasitic organisms, who not only prey on the living for food, but also for pleasure. They ENJOY killing people. They are fully aware of their actions, and thus, worthy of contempt (in my opinion).

 The traditional western werewolf is seen as a savage beast, a tortured, cursed soul, not aware of its actions, and while in human form, can be even REMORSEFUL about its bloodlust. to paraphrase Alexander Corvinus from the film "Underworld: Evolution", "At least they cannot control their savagery".
 My other reason for liking werewolves more than vampires is due to reading my copy of "The Werewolf Book: The encyclopedia of shapeshifting beings" (a book I highly recommend at least reading) in which a man named Theiss is described. Theiss was an elderly man in the middle ages, who claimed that werewolves were not evil, but instead "Hounds of God", saviors of humanity, sent by God to purge the world of evil. He also claimed to be one such werewolf. For his beliefs he was put on trial and executed for heresy. 

Despite Theiss's obvious insanity at claiming to BE a werewolf, I like his view of them, of werewolves as superheroes, as GOOD GUYS.

In native cultures:
(Correct me if I'm wrong) but shape shifters in native cultures were not feared, but revered and worshipped as being closer to nature than the average person. It was a good thing to be a werewolf, or any other shapeshifter and I like the native cultures version of shape shifters for that reason.

The Wolfman vs werewolves:
I like the Wolfman films, although I do not think a wolf man is the same as a werewolf. I think the Wolfman is more man than wolf, while werewolves are more wolf than man, at least from a physical standpoint. 


I like werewolves to be tortured souls, remorseful of their bloodlust, or sympathetic characters, and I like when werewolves fight for good and not evil. Granted, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy werewolf horror films, however I do prefer my werewolves to be good guys.

I will add more as I think of it.


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I would like to update my page, with a slideshow, and allow critiques on my work, stuff like that. For that I need a premium membership. Any points given would be greatly appreciated.

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280077s's Profile Picture
Stephen Kopunek
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Warning!!! My profile contains mature artwork that is NSFW and that may not be everyone's cup of tea!! That being said, I am a straight college student who is pursuing a degree in art and am also going to college to learn about different media, learn as much as I can and to meet new people. I draw primarily in black and white ( graphite). I draw monsters, demons, aliens and variations on the human form. I hope to learn how to animate my work and learn to draw the human form better. I am pretty inept with computers, but hopefully one day I will learn how to do things with my art. Feel free to ask anything you want to know about me, and I'll try to answer you as best I can.

IMPORTANT!!! I know I'm a good person, my family and true friends know I'm a good person. I make mistakes like everyone else, but my mistakes do not define who I am as a person. I am more than just my mistakes.

As such, I will not allow any more negative comments from myself or anyone else, on my page. I will hide comments from people or block people who have anything negative to say, about me or anything else. Life is too short for me to obsess over or dwell upon (as I often do unfortunately) such negativity. I want to be happy, and I've been told to ditch the negative people who will bring me down, and stick with the positive people who will lift me up.

Also, if I say anything remotely negative, please call me on it, by simply saying, "Stephen, you are being negative". Please don't say anything else, that is enough to get me to stop.

Thanks to all the people who bring positivity to my life, and who accept me, and forgive my mistakes. Thanks so very, very much.

Also, if I don't thank you personally for your favorites, adds, and other DA stuff, I want you to know that I DO appreciate it, I just may not have the time to send a specific "thank you" message. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! :huggle:

On a more personal note, I would like to meet new people and make friends, I would also love to have a caring woman in my life. As you may know by viewing the groups i've joined, I like macrophilia, except for the more graphic aspects of it as well as other sexual stuff. I hope I can find more people to talk to about stuff like that. At the very least, I would like to talk to people and come out of my shell, so please comment even if its just to say hey.

-Unauthorized use of my artwork is totally forbidden by me. If you're willing to use my work as a cover for a book, music album, etc. you will need to pay usage rights. Please contact me for details and mention the usage type (print, web, etc..Posting, editing in any way, and especially calling it your own will not be tolerated). I WILL TAKE ACTION AGAINST YOU. Otherwise, please feel free to note me about using my work, and we'll see what we can work out. Thank you.

-----♥♥------Put This
---♥♥---♥♥---On Your
---♥♥---♥♥---Page If
---♥♥---♥♥---You're For Human And Nonhuman (including aliens if they exist) Rights And Just Want Peace, Love And Understanding For All.
----♥♥-♥♥----Thank You :kiss: :hug:
Stamps I like: You don't know me by Fellmekke LOL KILL ALL CISSIES by endler Trolling, sadism... by Fellmekke Feeding the trolls by Fellmekke Trolling... by Fellmekke Anti-Cyber Bully +Read the AC+ by Sladin5Ever Cyber Bullying Stamp by InsaneRoman Upload what I want by Fellmekke Ask, Don't Assume Stamp by ElectricPoodle Rachel Wolchin quote by Fellmekke Agnostic Atheist by AtheosEmanon Disabled Comments by LumiResources Illegal vs. Immoral by 280077s Acceptance by 280077s Acceptance by Fellmekke Immoral by Fellmekke Acceptance Stamp by Toonfreak Artistic Porn by Chiron178 Equalism by scapegoatie Freedom of Speech stamp by Odeena 35 countries by Claire-stamps Abort Mission by paramoreSUCKS spay and neuter alternatives by Zetaliberation Health and Weight by paramoreSUCKS Public feeding by XxchantellexX ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH by Dametora Inter-species Icon by Kyu-chanwich
Love is love by Zetaliberation Request: Animals can consent by Fellmekke Animals are sentient beings. by Fellmekke Animals are as conscious as Humans. by Fellmekke Animals and instinct. by Fellmekke Beastiality and Zoophilia by Fellmekke Sex with animals by Zetaliberation Love supporter by ilaaariaI hate bestiality porn by Zetaliberation Humans and other species by Seriiko Zoophilia is not a mental illness by Zetaliberation Zoophilia Isn't Bestiality by breathlessxXxstamps Buff Girl Support Stamp by MarcoLover Maggie Simpson Stamp by crazylaura64 Princess Kenny Stamp by FlyingPrincess So Yeah, I Don't Mind Incest ._. by HitsuForLife GTS STAMP by GodzillaTheSeries stamp: Godzilla 1998 by SimbiAni Thylacine Stamp by WildSpiritWolf Lets talk about menstruation. by The-Legend-Of-Burai SAY YES TO WINCEST by Dametora Legalize Prostitution by ConsiderablyDin Legalize Marijuana by MarijuanaBear Bwen Group Icon by RandomDraggon BeastboyXRaven fan by Super-Pshyc-otic Stamp: Lowest Point by starfire-wolf Anti Makorra Stamp by Moonstone27 Handicap Stamp by SailorSolar I Support Forgivness by darkmatter86 Oh sexism... by The-Legend-Of-Burai Rape -Stamp- by Child-Of-Hades Women's Rights by PunkNarumi Equal Rights FTW by stuck-in-suburbia women with dicks by Dametora Sensuality vs Pornography by zananeichan Body is a natural thing Stamp by Evanatt Naturism stamp by The-Fairywitch Women aren't always the victims. by World-Hero21 Fetish Art Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio Erotic Art Is NOT Porn by PolarExtremesStudio Ermagawd Another Stamp Like This by endler I support fetish art by WhyAreIHere GBLT etc is still Human stamp by CatalystSpark We are equal regardless : stamp by Galialay Guinea Pig Lover - Fan Stamp by Lunatic-Hao-ChaN Gts love stamp by GtsMayCry Giantess Stamp by Ifrit9 Straight for LGBT Stamp by lightpurge Boys and girls: They can like what they like by RoliStamps Stamp: Commission - Exploiting Hardships by 8manderz8 i like mine, thank you very much by CobaltEarl Ur so Gross Cuz Fetishes r Gross by endler I Support Weird Fetishes Stamp by 24-9-26-26-25-110 I Support BBW Models Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art Body positive stamp by garsedj
This is the song of my life, and how I try to live.…

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